SEC Approves ETF What Comes Next

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SEC Approves ETF What Comes Next

Finally it happened! ETF approval from the SEC. There was a 75% chance that they would get approved as they did take into account all of the feedback from the SEC. These ETFs could pave the way for billions if not trillions in wealth flooding into crypto futures. What's going to be interesting now is how much of a impact this will have on the overall crypto markets and what could come next as we roll into one of the hottest seasons of the crypto market.

What Does This Approval Mean?

Simply put it allows for more investors in particular accredited investors to now be able to invest money into crypto and Bitcoin type assets. While there's not a direct connection it is within companies that mine or deal in crypto thus it would still pump the price

When Will We Start Seeing These?

While they have been approved they wont go live right away. However we should see them as early as next week. There are a number of ETFs slated to review/launch on the 18th seen in my previous article here:

Will A Crypto ETF Go Live This Month?

The first being proshares which should go live on Monday. This leads the question as to what will happen to bitcoin now the ETFs are finally getting approved?

Will A Bitcoin ETF Crash Prices?

I wrote a full article about it above which goes over what most likely could happen with the release of multiple ETFs.

In general though it will see a drastic increase in value coming into the crypto space. However being that it's not directly associated with Bitcoin the funds most likely will be based on Hype for Bitcoin and could very well fade out after a few days. However there's a pretty big line up of ETFs launching next week which puts my speculation as a steady upward trend over the next two weeks of ETF rollouts.

It's also important to notes all of these are Futures ETFs and nothing more. They seem to be the only version the SEC will be approving this year.

What kind of impact do you feel these ETF approvals will have on the market?

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