Are Red Candles good?

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Make BBH the most profitable income token on Hive for its holders.



One of the first things I do every moring when I get up (Canada only) is pick up my mobile phone and open my ShakePay app and shake my phone for a few Satoshi. When I did this this morning I know something was up with the markets as my wallet Fiat equivlant was down a bit.

Then I oppened my laptop and seen $BTC and $HIVE dropped while I slept. And you know it made me smile. Yes seeing red cndles made me smile. For a couple reasons.

If gives people a chance to buy, who want to buy and become holders. Like me, but at the moment I have gone down the dollar cost averaging and I got a small buy order every Friday. I am not saying I would not not buy the dip if it was red enough.

Red candles also shows that the market is healthy enough for profit taking. Yes, most people don't want to admit it, but the end goal of everything is to have money. Enough money to look after yourself, your family, and others. It is the world we live in. And people cannot sell if there are not buyer. And sometimes there has to be red candles if you need to sell, and sell quick for a life situation. Yes I know there is greed also but I am talking about the positive aspects.

This is just a couple reason I don't mind seeing red candles. What are your thoughts?


I now set the release price of BBH to the markets daily. It is an open market so sometimes you can pick up deals when others are selling cheaper than my set price. The goal is to have 1 BBH = 1 Satoshi. I do a bit of math and get the price. If Bitcoin is stronger than Hive then the price of one BBH goes up and if Hive is strong than Bitcoin then the price goes down.

Here is the last week worth of price settings.

26 Mar 2024705950.4531000000000.00156
27 Mar 2024696940.46721000000000.00149
28 Mar 2024705390.45211000000000.00156
29 Mar 2024701150.44041000000000.00159
30 Mar 2024700910.44751000000000.00157
31 Mar 2o24702530.42121000000000.00167
1 Apr 2024695570.42431000000000.00164
2 Apr 2024664270.39471000000000.00168


Why am I selling BBH MIners:

  1. Get in and stay in the top 20 Hive-Engine Witness Nodes. This will be done with continued support from the comuntiy and by buying WorkerBee tokens myself. This will give more stability and earn BEE mining rewards.

  2. Use the BEE generated to finish funding the building of the BBH Tribe.

  3. After that BEE generated will be fundled back into the Income Token to increase weekly payouts to BBH holders.

But for you, the people buying the miners, I have been asked, what is in it for you? And here is my answer:

I think I need to expand on number three.

This is a win win in my books. Once all three items above are in place.

You win 5 BBH at a time from the miner lottery. Depending on how many miners will obviously depend how many BBH you can win.

The more BBH you have the bigger drip you get every Saturday. The one I will be concentrating on is the swap.hive payouts.

Just the BEE along generated from being in the top 20 Hive-Engine witness nodes will enable me to increase that.

By buying miners you will be investing in the future of BBH, and you will be getting a return every Saturday in drips.

Just remember this is only step one for the future of BBH.

Much more to come.

The biggest question I always get is why all the time and effort to give back?

Because in giving back the future will give back to me. Once BBH is doing what I want it to do, be it next year, 5 years, 10 years, I should be able to generate a passive income for myself.

Let me get things there first and look after the people who are putting their time and funds and faith in me.


HiverBEE Donated
Total Donations1369.88310424

I want to thank everyone that has donated BEE to this cause so far. Remember to send them to the @hive-112281 account.

I am raising by asking for dontations and using the sale of BBH tokens to a minimum or 5,000 BEE to a maximum of 10,000 BEE.

5,000 BEE will get the OUTPOST off the ground. The other 5,000 will add to it, as in, staking, delegation, I need 1 BEE stakes for each active member of the OUTPOST. Etc.

So if you have BEE lying around in your wallet or if you want to be a founding member here it is.


I will on launch of the outpost, air drop 20 BBHO for every BEE donated to getting this launched.

Max air drop will be 200,000 BBHO. There will only ever be this one air drop.

Some math for you. If we where fully funded at this moment and launched.

Approximately 3 BEE to 1 Hive 60 BBHO equals 1 Hive 0.00057 USD for BBHO if Hive at 34 cents.

Are you in?


Today is Saturday. That means it is/was drip day. Now if you are not a regular reader of mine you are wondering what is drip day.

I run a income token and tipping bot all in one. The token is BBH. Every Saturday I payout the people holding BBH tokens. Passive income if you like. I like to call it a 'drip' of a token(s) to the people that own BBH tokens. And unlike some all you have to do is own it. No staking, no nothing.

If you own 10 or more BBH tokens you got a drip of swap.hive. If you own 5,000 or more BBH tokens you got a drip of swap.hive and the Alive token, and CTP Tokens. If you own 10,000 or more BBH tokens you got a drip of swap.hive, Alive, CTP, and $LEO tokens.

All just for owning BBH. There are two ways you can get BBH. First you can buy them from the open market. I use TribalDex myself.

Or they can be tipped to you. The great part about BBH tipping is that when you tip a token to someone else you do not loose any of your own. There is a central pool that supplies them.

And a third way to get BBH would be people gift them to you.

And now a forth way to get BBH with the BBH Miner.


In a 24 hour period, reset at new day UTC. There are currently four levels of tipping.

Level 1 = 1000 BBH holdings = 1 tip per day you can send Level 2 = 5000 BBH holdings = 5 tip per day you can send Level 3 = 20000 BBH holdings = 20 tip per day you can send Level 4 = 50000 BBH holdings = 50 tip per day you can send

The tipping command is !BBH


BBH, HIVE, INLEO and ME are alive and thriving.


Get BBH Tribe/Outpost built Post on Hive at least once a day Bring some joy to my wife today Top 20 Hive-Engine Witness Stake 1 million LEO Stay positive and keep a good attitude Promote Hive to someone new Get Curation Trial to 200 people Hit 10000 HP by end of 2024 Do 2000 strait days posting on Hive LPUD every month in 2024 Make BBH the number 1 income token on HIve Visit Ghana one day


Please take time to support my Hive-Engine Witness Node.

Don''t forget to check out our Curation Trail

Don''t forget to check out the The PIzza Plan

Have a super positive day everyone.

All roads lead to Hive.

What is Hive?


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