Shoot into direct heart of the Kezme Bogazi canyon with the sharp eye of the drone

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In the heart of the majestic mountains of Kemer-Antalya, I had an amazing experience exploring the Kezme Bogazi Mevki Canyon through the eyes of my trusty Zelya drone.

The adventure began near the stone bridge, a monument from the time of Alexander the Great, whose mighty arches rise against the sky 30 meters high.

The sound of the waterfalls below can already be heard as I approach, a prelude to the incredible spectacle the wildlife has to offer. Zelya, my trusty drone, takes off, transporting us to a dimension where mountains and gorges unfold in all their glory.

Even before reaching the bridge, the harmony of water cascading down the rocks creates a symphony of relaxing sounds.

Waterfalls color the landscape with their original elegance. The perspective from above reveals a tangled labyrinth of waterways fed by rivers descending from the mountain.

The second mysterious gorge contains a dark waterfall that complements the magical picture of this place. A light breeze carries with it the fresh aroma of moving water, and Zelya continues her aerial exploration, discovering details hidden among the rocks and canyon banks.

From above, a log wedged between the rocks is clearly visible โ€” a natural monument of strength and endurance. It is a symbol of the power of nature, a history carved out over thousands of years and now revealed by the tireless eye of my drone.

The day is coming to an end, and the sunset paints the canyon in golden hues. The potion glides over the landscape, catching the last rays of light caressing the mountain peaks. Returning to the stone bridge, I ponder the meaning of this place.

It is more than just a geological formation, it is a natural shrine that combines the past and the present. Waterfalls, gorges, a bridge and even a log wedged between rocks are fragments of an ancient fairy tale, an ode to the power of nature and its ability to create timeless beauty.

Passing through the bridge, we go down to the thematic Turkish cafe, the ownership of which has mastered all the nearby rapid currents, which are delicately bordering on not washing away the entire cafe on its way, which was already the case when a lot of snow melted in the spring.

The cafe above the waterfall is the perfect place to meditate with Turkish tea and admire this beauty. Sitting with the Zelya drone next to me, I admire the landscape as the sun hides behind the mountains.

The silence of the place and the constant sound of the water create an atmosphere of peace, and for a moment I feel like an integral part of this ethereal panorama.

As we continue our journey through the canyon, Zelya ventures into mysterious remote parts of the gorge where the sound of flowing water becomes an enveloping echo.

A hidden waterfall in a mysterious gorge is only fully revealed by the watchful eye of a drone, which is an added surprise in this extraordinary journey.

The beauty of nature around me becomes more and more apparent as Zelya explores hidden details and pristine landscapes. The steep cliffs of the canyon tell stories of bygone eras, a silent narrative that is revealed only when the drone approaches with its sharp gaze.

Returning to the stone bridge, Zelya discovers a new dimension of beauty. Nature opens its doors, allowing me to experience a unique and extraordinary adventure.

Through Zela's eyes, I discovered the hidden charm of this wild place, where history, beauty and the power of nature are intertwined in an eternal tale. In this remote corner of the Kemer Antalya Mountains, I found much more than a canyon.

I have found a nature reserve like a home that will continue to inspire and fascinate anyone lucky enough to explore it.

And so, with a heart full of emotions and a mind full of memories, I say goodbye to Kezme Bogazi Mevki Canyon, knowing that I have lived an experience that will remain in my soul.