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Today is the day I finally will write my post on Leo Finance. I've been putting this off. Moving it to the bottom of my to-do list because I was down with the flu, and because I was still trying to figure out if what I'm about to say will be of interest to the community.

First, let me introduce myself

The username I use is @bulkovam, which you'll find I also use on other crypto-related platforms and blockchain-based social media. Unless the name is already taken or the site has some sort of a weird naming convention. One such example is DTube, when I tried to create an account the platform asked me to use a longer word and add a few... numbers?

I'm currently working remotely as a freelancer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. People often seek my help for interpreting/translation works, including transcription and subtitling, but I'm also quite active in software testing - the link takes you to my QA & testing group. Remote work is the future of work.

I'm a pet parent, and so I have raised lots of cats. Lately, I've also been learning the ropes of plant parenting and have adopted a few potted plants myself. I put them just next to the hundreds of plants my parents have adopted this year. In approximately 3 days I will turn exactly 40 years old, allegedly that is when life is said to really begin.

Other hobbies and activities

A few years back I started learning more about generative arts, a branch of digital arts that is code-heavy. It's changing a lot and I had to constantly relearn the softwares each time they upgrade them if I wanted to improve my sketches. I enjoy working on my illustrative arts and in digitizing my older works, but it can take up a large chunk of my time.

My goal is to earn crypto by being active on various blockchain-based social media and blogging communities. I recently wrote an extensive list of all the crypto we can earn from blogging online. I often read with excitement the income reports of other crypto enthusiasts and it is these types of sharing that have kept me interested in learning and earning.

I didn't really have anyone teach me how to get started with Leo Finance. I just discovered this platform on my own while researching for the crypto list. Hopefully, I can come up with interesting things to write about and keep up with the community news.

Keeping in touch

I'm pretty enthusiastic about learning and earning on Leo Finance, but in terms of financial learnings and investing, I'm probably what you'll call a 'noob noob'.

Why, come on over and say hi on social media:

🤞 Thank you for giving this short introductory post a read and if you would like to follow me, I will definitely try to follow back right away. Your supports, gifts, and guidance are greatly appreciated!

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