A weapon training battle using Daarg Deadblast as the medium

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Hello Splinter nerds

It is less than 7 days to the end of the season and a new beginning to the leaderboard rework system, they would be removing the league cap, so players can't decide to stay in a particular league anymore.

The most interesting part of the update is how the rating points for win/loss will work, based on the official post, it seems they planned to make it 20 points per win which would also be 20 points per loss but that is not yet certain, the main thing is one will be getting the same points for winning and losing unlike the current one that you might win 5 times and get 3 points for each win and boom one loss, you lose 36 points which is so annoying, so am glad they are reworking that.

Unfortunately this new system is going to be a disadvantage for people with lower deck from gold below because they will also be paired with a maxed account, it is going to be bloody and a bully battle when a level 3 card is paired with max., so their earnings will reduce drastically again and it seems much lower deck will stop playing when they can't keep up with strong account they would be paired with, but I may be wrong, till it is updated and we all test it out.

It is also going to become competitive for strong decks but the good news is no more losing 36 points and gaining 3 points, they will pair a player with another whose ratings are closer so it will work out I think.

I had an epic battle with Vettev in a 16 mana battle cap with 2 rules.


It was a stampede and melee mayhem rule set but I can't even use the trample monster on my mind because it will consume most of the mana and could make me lose the battle.

So I decided to use tons of magic monsters. Luckily for me, the opponent used a one-health base monster with a lot of armor and tons in the hope that I would come up with melee monsters only to be disappointed by my armies of magic attacks.

battle link

My first monster was a distraction and a sacrifice for the opponent monsters to devour so my rear monsters would have their chances to attack.

The battle vision became clearer when I defeated the opponent Chaos Agent as it was the only monster that could stop me, the moment it was eliminated, he became vulnerable to my attack and in no time, I cleared his other monsters.

I would give credit to Daarg Deadblast because it was its weapon training that gave magic attacks to the other two nonattack monsters I used, I wouldn't have been able to win the battle and Dead Blast seems to be one of the best weapon training monsters right now.

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All pictures are gotten from Splinterlands lore and game

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