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終於輪到藍色了,提到藍色,大海當然是第一首選。 我畫過很多版本的美人魚,我的存稿裡面還很多美人魚的圖,所以藍色主題就非美人魚莫屬了。 今天的美人魚不孤單,有魚兒陪伴,這個大海看起來是不是活潑許多?

Finally, it's the turn for the blue theme. When it comes to blue, the ocean is, of course, the first choice. In my drafts, there are still many mermaid drawings, so the blue theme is perfect for featuring them. Today's mermaid isn't alone; she finally has a fish companion. Doesn't it look much livelier?

❤️Blue theme ❤️ 主題:藍色

I've been challenging myself to draw different color themes every day. I would like to share them with you too. 最近在挑戰每天畫不同顏色的主題,也跟大家一起分享


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