Focusing On Focusing On Curation!

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As I approach my 5th Anniversary on this chain I'm taking a step back and looking at my accomplishments.

Mainly, because I don't have any lol. As we head into the crypto winter of sorts my goal is to accumulate Hive so I can really take advantage of the next bull run.

But, I have surprisingly little hive for a guy that has been here so long. I used to spend quite a bit but only on Hive projects. For instance I turned a lot of hive into a little Leo. Then I spent a lot of Leo on a little cub and so and so forth.

I'm not complaining because it's all still there and the residuals of being a Lion are quite nice. In fact, @leo.voter is the best way to earn hive in my opinion.

But something that surprised me as I take account of my account. How is it possible that I have earned only 306 Hive in curation since day 1?

If I'm known for anything at all it is that I give 100% votes to everyone no matter what. I used the Vote Weight Multiplier on Leo Dex so it may have appeared that I only gave out 10% Leo Votes but the "Votee" received 100% of my Leo Vote Value.

But the collateral damage was my Hive votes and unannounced to me I have been shitting out hive dust for years and creating no hive earnings for anyone! (Well, Kind of)

When I voted on Posts I was contributing but I mostly voted on my comments so the people got a little Leo but no Hive!!!!!

I thought I was the Pied Piper but I was just a nobody. It wasn't until I saw this awesome tool that I realized I was only earning just under 3% APR on my curation. That's like, umm, really bad.

So I began to focus on raising it and in a couple of weeks I've become much more efficient. There are lots of ways to curate and the methods can be confusing so happy to write more about it or answer questions in the comments of things that I've learned.

The main thing I've realized with my desire to earn more in my personal curation is that I can't just vote for new Authors or Lions that I feel like are just trying. I have enough Leo to do that but not enough Hive.

If I am to remain completely altruistic as I have been in the past I can use @dustsweeper which is an amazing little tool to top off my votes but I'm not doing that as of yet.

It's something we can talk about though. I've tested it and it works perfectly. But for now Im using a self-made method for drawing out posts that will pay the author and myself while I learn about efficienies.

It is not my preferred method but it is working so far. Here's what I do:

  1. I open the Recent Posts on the Leofinance Peakd page . Here I look for new posts that have a payout value of at least $.02.
  2. Then I copy the Author's username and go to find there profile.
  3. I locate the post I saw on Peakd and give it a 100% vote assuring that I'm giving/earning both Hive & Leo.
  4. I only let my vote power go down to 80% on both platform which means that I am receiving/giving the most value I can.

This method is completely manual so my vote power is never really maximized per say because I can't sit at my computer 24 hours a day but I prefer being hands on while I engage with the blockchain.

I would love to hear thoughts on what I'm doing here and how you get the most out of your curation. I think that onces I plateau I will be looking for a better more profitable way. I already have some thoughts on what it will be so stay tuned.

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