Happy With My HDB Savings Plan!

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Yesterday was the 2nd time I was able to claim my HBD interest from my HBD savings account. I'm pleased with my progress.

My original goal for HBD savings was to just make $1 a day in savings. To me that would be a great amount and a big Fuck You to the legacy system which the most I've ever earned on savings was about $10 for a year.

Since I trust the hive ecosystem and firmly it will be there for the forseable future I took my APE side money and threw it in. I had this amount sitting on the sidelines for the entire bull period and made nothing with it so it felt safe to go into HBD.

The first month I crushed my goal and made $36. As you can see by the pic above I had made 45.6 HBD in month two. It will increase every month from now on or until the witness decide to lower the rate.

You will also notice that I earned 32.6 HBD from my grind during that same period. I have different goals for the HBD I earn as opposed to that which I save.

I really want to accumulate more hive so I will most likely be converting the earned HBD to hive while it's low and buy back that HBD when/if hive returns to $1.

In my mind that makes but I'm not sure real life works so smoothly. But for a guy who is great at making crypto mistakes I feel really good about my HBD interest and I especially like seeing it increase as I inch towards claim number 3 next month.

What about you doing with your earned HBD and are you involved in the HBD savings in any way as well? I'd love to hear thoughts in the comments.

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