The Network Effect Is In Full Bloom On LBRY

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I've been thinking about a lot lately since I began to hear news of the 3speak airdrop.

While I'm not a video content creator, I am a consumer. I've been logging in daily to to collect free tokens for what seems like forever and just recently began to sell them on bittrex. (so I could by Leo)

Honestly, it's been a "nothing" platfrom from a content standpoint for me. I just logged in and clicked the first video to collect some free coin.

But I remember seeing an interesting article on Techcrunch in December and realized that this thing had legs. And, some marketing behind it!

One of the cool new features is a Youtube Channel sync allowing all your youtube videos to move over to the platform with one click. And low and behold, youtubers are coming over.

One of the most influential is Salty Cracker who is a nutbag (but funny) who has almost 600K youtube subscribers. While you can find any type of content there, (even porn) it is a great landing spot for people worried about being banned from other platforms. Even Donald Trump has an account there (even though it's most likely fake) so any idiot can post.

The growth over the last month or so since the twitter purge has been rapid and the network effect is clearly at work. Check out LbryNomics to see the top channels

The token itself is seeing a resurgance and following nicely with the market. It has a bullish trend (although down today) but usually ranges between $.07 and $.15. I expect growth over the next year not because of technicals but because more people are finding out about it.

I think the whole thing bodes well for @3speak and other like platforms but seems to have a nice head start.

I've noticed some Hive and LeoFinance posts, but not many. There is a nice opening for your content if you produce Hive/Leo content. You may as well join and drop your videos there because I believe the site has plenty of crypto fans there.

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