After Last Season of Splinterlands - Again Completing Diamond II League...

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This is the summary of last season of Splinterlands. I completed this season in Splinterlands Diamond III League. Finally I did it. I tried too much to league up to Diamond II but I couldn!t do it..

My win rate was worse than last season.. but rewards are one of the worst...

I opened 46 chests in season rewards. It was one of the bad rewards for me. I didn't get Legendary Cards, Gold Cards and Chaos Legion Packs.

Here is my rewards after last season.

Chest Tier: Diamond III


131 SPS ↓ 3500 Merits ↑ 0 Legendary Card ↓ 0 Goldfoil Card ↓ 1 Epic Card ↓ 10 Rare Card ↓ 77 Common Card ↑ 63 Alchemy Potion ↑ 76 Legendary Potion ↑ 0 Chaos Legion Packs ↓ Cards: $0 (17)
Potions: $4.866 (10)
SPS: $2.187 (17)
Merits: $3.488 (2)
TOTAL: $10.541 (46)
AVG: $0.229

My rewards value is on the bottom!

Last season I played 361 battles and I got 169 wins. My win rate was 46,8%...

My statistics and rewards are down in last season..

I hope next season will be better!!

We will see...

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