Bitcoin Should Break Up 200-Week Moving Average

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Bitcoin price broke up 200-day moving average. It was first great resistance while bearish season. Even Bitcoin broke up 200-day moving average, 200-week MA is important to enter bullish season.

Here you can see weekly chart of Bitcoin. It is too early to say that we are in bullish season. It think that It is mini bullish season. I shared lots of post about we may enter mini bullish season at the end of January...

and we entered..

We are still down from Luna crash. If we go above Luna crash level, it can be said that we entered bullish season.

Here you can see daily chart of Bitcoin and it is overbought!

I shared a post about the importance of 5th February. Full moon is on 5th February and lots of astrologist say that we may see huge moves on crypto and stock markets...

So, we may have only 10 days on mini bullish season..

We will see..

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