I Opened 10 Gladius Packs - Analysis of Rewards

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Today, I opened 10x Gladius Packs in Splinterlands to improve my Deck. I am trying to increase the value of my Deck. My team value is increasing after opening packs but the value of cards are going down... So, I opened 10x Gladius Packs to get burning value of DEC. It is my routine.. I bought 10x Gladius Packs with 20K Merits. I earned lots of Merits thanks to my Guild. I opened my 10x Gladius Packs and I got 50x Gladius Cards. These are my cards...


Common Cards: 32 Rare Cards: 11 Epic Cards: 3 Legendary Cards: 0 Gold Cards: 1

My cards were better than last week. I calculated how much DEC value I earned.

Common Cards: 30 x 10 = 300 Rare Cards: 11 x 40 = 440 Epic Cards: 3 x 200 = 600 Legendary Cards 1 x 1000 = 1000 Gold Cards 1 x 500 = 500

Total: 2840 DEC

So, I got 3060 Power. It is important to participate tournaments.. I also rent my cards. My power is important to rent more cards to get more passive income..

Even, it is pegged 1000 DEC for 1 USD, DEC is begin traded in 0.00085 USD level..

So my total earning from opening 10x packs is about 2.2 USD.

I will open 10x Gladius packs in every month. I will share my statics..

We will see..

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