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This is me jumping in and wanting that Waka Flame Card (Waka Spiritblad), not only have I never heard one of the dudes songs, I have scrolled through him talking about NFTs and LLC and financial stuff. That being said again this card looks dope and only 1000 will be available at current price of $2000 in their respected SPS and voucher ratio.. 500 of those will be sold on 20 of them will be gold meaning 480 of the ones being sold on the website will be regular and 20 will be GOLD.. that's ultra rare indeed.


The Waka Spiritblade NFT will be released for sale at 12pm EST / 17:00 UTC on Thursday, February 24th, 2022 in the Splinterlands store.

What's need to purchase

5000 SPS + 500 VOUCHER

I will need to have these squared away before the 24th which is exactly 1 week from today, is it possible? It sure as hell better be sure if you stuck with the game since the start 3 years ago you are a WHALE in a sense where you might be getting paid to just purchase the card with all those airdrop points.. ay hindsight.

There is money here I am not going to go into what the card is since I am no one to talk about it in terms of stats and game play rather an investment vehicle for which I am all down for.

These cards look insane the artist is sure on it and ready to promote the shii out of Splinterlands. Look at the art work.. man the designs and art work have been exclusive.

Twitter Fail..

Although it feels nice for us, being in the inside looking out making sure the world sees our little blockchain and it's all wonderful engaging opportunities it offers us. I feel that the twitter blast or even the whole social rapper NFT vibe did not pan out so well, or at least good in general.. Hmm.. With having 1.8 Million followers and only having these stats:

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not looking so hot.. Maybe when us players of the game already start buying up the cards maybe some outsiders will notice.. Until than I feel we are still in our own space.

*I still want the damn card

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