Invest Now and Forget

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I will not suggest anyone invest in this volatile market but if you have some cash in hand, it is always better to invest and forget about it.

This is my portfolio of the SIP in Bitcoin, if you see the sudden drop in value and thus my portfolio is down by 10%. But I am continuing the investment as well as thinking of investing some more at this time. I know it is like a catching knife from the overview but again taking risks is what gives us rewards.

I am not advocating investing in all the coins which have come down but a few which are the top ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum as well as Hive. We all have seen Bitcoin at above $60K and hopefully, it could have gone above $100K but it came down to $15K and thus everyone is saying that it might come down more.

For me, the price matters, but again having at least 1 Bitcoin in my pocket is what I desire. So yeah it is not a piece of financial advice, but if you have some money in hand it's better to invest now. Or can wait till it finds a bottom and invest then.

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