Week 05 Results | 23W-29L-4P | -2.211 Units Loss

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This is a weekly overview of my personal sports betting/trading results on teams from the Belgian Jupiler League documenting my journey toward long-term profit with some insights on my overall approach.

Not a good week at all as I got quite the big hit with a loss of over 2 units. This was the result of both being a bit braver on my average stake and nothing at all going right. I managed to get into a position with no risk that had a good chance to hit a big win of over 1 unit which didn't hit, most of the bets that were good still turned into a loser while the ones that weren't so sharp failed to get a bit of luck. Some winners also turned into losers in the final seconds of matches which could have made a big difference in the overall result. These things tend to even out and I can't complain about the luck factor before this week started.

Regardless, this all is perfectly normal variance that is being taken care of by proper bankroll management and a long-term mindset. It just sucks to lose and for some reason it always happens right after moving up in stakes.

Pre-Game Preview Bets Season 2022-2023

The pre-game bold selection in the previews still did quite ok compared to my overall total result coming in at a 2W-3L-1P for an overall limited loss. It's nice to be yo +9.405 units still on them after 5 weeks and 38 bets.

Previous 2 Seasons Result

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Regular Season 2022-2023 Personal Betting Chart

So far for the buffer I had compared to the actual expected pink profit line as the chart came crashing down again. It's like they say, you go up with the stairs and come down with the elevator. There are however some good things in that I'm still above what I am expecting long-term and the fact that I managed to get in over 8 units of volume again. I also felt really comfortable in taking somewhat bigger bets and probably am still way too conservative as losing the money itself I didn't care about whatsoever. So I'm not playing with scared money which is good and I will likely look to keep and further increase my overall stakes which should get me above 10 units staked on a weekly basis eventually.

Season Results 2022-2023

Week 05 Results 56 Bets | 23W-29L-04P | Staked 08.723u | -2.211u Loss Week 04 Results 58 Bets | 30W-22L-06P | Staked 08.230u | +1.777u Profit Week 03 Results 43 Bets | 23W-16L-04P | Staked 06.271u | -0.162u Loss Week 02 Results 27 Bets | 10W-16L-01P | Staked 04.515u | +0.225u Profit Week 01 Results 44 Bets | 25W-17L-02P | Staked 06.186u | +2.050u Profit

 Regular Season 2022-2023 Results 
228 Bets | 111W-100L-17P | 33.926 Staked | +1.680u Profit | +4.95% ROI 

Previous Seasons Personal Betting Results [6641 Bets +3.57% ROI]

It's going to be interesting next week as I don't plan to step on the break pedal when it comes down to my stakes. Another update will follow 7 days from now...

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