Week 06 Results | 23W-29L-4P | +0.983 Units Profit

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This is a weekly overview of my personal sports betting/trading results on teams from the Belgian Jupiler League documenting my journey toward long-term profit with some insights on my overall approach.

I'm back with some ok profit after having quite a big losing week last time around. There wasn't anything special in particular about this week and I also mostly had smaller bets without anything standing out. Pretty much the regular week-by-week grind, building volume for long-term profit.

Something I'm also more and more realizing is that these days for me, it mostly comes down to just getting a lot of bets in without wanting to make any bold predictions taking bigger bets. These are quite hard to so since I don't put my own skill and ability over the market and anytime I want to take something bigger I feel that I must be missing something given how efficient the markets generally are.

Pre-Game Preview Bets Season 2022-2023

5 pre-game selections this week directly from the previews which had a slight loss going 2W-2L-1P, still solid numbers on these on the season with over 9 unitys profit after 43 bets.

Previous 2 Seasons Result

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Regular Season 2022-2023 Personal Betting Chart

The chart now looks like having had a nice recovery after the initial spike up which came back down. Eventually, things should get close to the pink expected line as can be seen on the chart below of 5 full seasons and over 6000 bets. The main goal is to get the numbers of units bet each week up. I didn't quite succeed in this last week with 'only' 6.422 units staked kind of falling back after last week where I did manage to get in the volume without much success.

Season Results 2022-2023

Week 06 Results 46 Bets | 22W-15L-09P | Staked 06.422u | +0.983u Profit Week 05 Results 56 Bets | 23W-29L-04P | Staked 08.723u | -2.211u Loss Week 04 Results 58 Bets | 30W-22L-06P | Staked 08.230u | +1.777u Profit Week 03 Results 43 Bets | 23W-16L-04P | Staked 06.271u | -0.162u Loss Week 02 Results 27 Bets | 10W-16L-01P | Staked 04.515u | +0.225u Profit Week 01 Results 44 Bets | 25W-17L-02P | Staked 06.186u | +2.050u Profit

 Regular Season 2022-2023 Results 
274 Bets | 133W-115L-26P | 40.348 Staked | +2.662u Profit | +6.60% ROI 

Previous Seasons Personal Betting Results [6641 Bets +3.57% ROI]

That's it for this week with plenty more matches to come for which I will continue making previews while keeping track of all the results in these weekly posts...

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