Added tokens to the HE converter for outposts offering the ability to mint NFTs

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It's not possible to mint NFTs on Hive, the base layer. But, minting on a layer two such as Hive-Engine is. There are a handful of "outposts" that allow for such H-E minting and this post by @ecoinstant helped me learn.

Since there are options for minting, and likely more to come, the question arises, "How much does it cost to mint?" These outposts seem to allow for payment in their native token, which begs the question further, "How much is that?" I thought I'd add some of the tribe's tokens to the "HE converter" to make it easier to answer the "how much?" question.

Added to HE Converter: LASSECASH, LIST, MEME, PAL

Already on the HE Converter: [CINE)(

Each of these outposts has the ability to mint NFTs. There may be more (if so, let me know). I do believe that is also getting close to creating an NFT interface as well and that should be very promising.

I'm currently thinking on an NFT project and am debating which platform/outpost to use. I do have a question that perhaps someone could answer: do any of these have the ability to collect royalties/percentages on sales after the initial sale?

Any other thoughts, I'd love to hear. :)

Click or tap image to go to the HE Converter.

The HE Converter tool is at

The tool answers like:

  • I have 180 XYZ tokens, how much is that in USD? How much in Hive?

  • I have $1.75 USD, how many XYZ tokens is that?

  • I have 2.15 HIVE, how many XYZ tokens is that?

edit: inserted link for CINE

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