A Sporting Game On Hive Is Seriously Big News

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Play to earn gaming is going to explode especially when sports are involved.

I am sure many of you are aware of the announcement the other day regarding Genesis League Sports which will be the site to host Genesis League soccer. The partnership is between the Major League Soccer Players Association and Splinterlands which will create this new soccer game.

This is big news for Hive as we have to look at the numbers associated with the partnership. The MLS is attracting a new fan base as the popularity grows especially with the younger generation. Ranked as the 13th most popular League by American television audiences in 2016, last year it was as high as 7th.As of February this year the MLS had 12.3 million fans registered on Facebook. Not the biggest but growing and what an opportunity for Genesis League Sports.

Reading between the lines genesis will be the platform to host various sporting games and MLS will be the first one. I can only imagine if they get the Premier League along with the NFL and a few others what kind of impact that would have on here. There would be millions and millions of accounts required overnight which is great news for everyone associated with Hive.

How many times have we heard that all it will take is 1 DAPP to go viral to put Hive on the map and quite honestly this could be it. Having play to earn games will be the new rage as it combines the best of both worlds with entertainment along with the ability to earn. Certain cards are going to be worth tens of thousands and will definitely be worthwhile getting involved early on with this.

We can see where the importance of having Resource Credits comes into play and the ability to rent/delegate them. If you are a young fan there is no ways you are missing out on this and that could literally mean millions signing up with this new partnership.

My head is thinking where does this all end up as if one League has something that is popular then the others will not be able to resist. I can see the NBA, NFL, MLB and the NHL all joining in once they understand the concept. This has got serious legs and can go places very fast.

Having a sporting card game can help grow the sport as fans will learn about the players through the cards they are playing. This will help increase the popularity of the players and also increase rivalries between the teams. I cannot see anything, but a huge success and is a win win for everyone involved. Hive is growing very quickly and is expanding in so many directions which will attract so many new users.

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