COTI's Development Fund Secret Weapon

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I think after hearing about COTI's secret weapon all of us are doing things the wrong way as there are far simpler ways of making a living.

I have often wondered how crypto projects fund their development as if you are not a developer yourself this is costly and you need a team of dedicated individuals. The obvious way is to give them tokens which if they are of low value would require millions or maybe more each month. We saw what happened on the old blockchain before we moved as the price was suppressed by constant selling pressure each month paying for the development team.

COTI as a team is made up of successful people having done extremely well in previous businesses. The CEO of COTI Shahaf Bar-Geffen sold his media company called WEB3 back in 2006 to IPG. He is part of a hedge fund who have a math PHD with 14 patents as one of their partners who sold his AI company to IBM.

He has used his partners to help fund COTI as all development has been covered not through investors or selling token, but by using a Neural Network. This is a great story as the Math PHD partner has been working with AI and training his neural network for over 10 years and for the last 5 years COTI has been trading using this special piece of technology.

A neural network is a method in artificial intelligence that teaches computers to process data in a way that is inspired by the human brain. It is a type of machine learning process, called deep learning, that uses interconnected nodes or neurons in a layered structure that resembles the human brain.


The Neural Network uses roughly 40 proprietary signals per trade and can forecast pricing up to 48 hours in advance very accurately. As crazy as this sounds the Neural Network is over 80% accurate allowing COTI the freedom to develop without having to worry about the costs. COTI does an average of 2 small trades per day all using profit which returns over 100% every year.

Having the finances allows COTI to develop at the pace required as the market price makes no difference due to having the funds in place. I have never heard of this type of thing before besides bot trading, but far bigger as this is funding multi million dollar businesses and not just COTI. What is interesting to know is the hedge fund group is also big in gaming and have Uncaged Studios (Monkey League Sports) in their portfolio.

Shahaf calls the Neural Network their secret weapon and have never heard of this being used to fund businesses before, but if you have the tech and the brains then why not? having someone who is so far ahead working with AI and training it which is what is happening this will only become more accurate over time.

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