Really Bullish On The Entire Hive Ecosystem

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When I say the Hive Blockchain it means everything on it like the Leofinace tribe which also includes the Kingdoms. Hive in general has been fairly quiet, but behind the scenes there is so much going on preparing and developing the next instalments. This is even more reason if you need one to hold and grow your bags of everything.

source Look what happens when you get things right as this is the first time I have seen CUB publicly outside of a Leofinance or Hive members tweet.

Understandably Project Blank was put on the back burner and rightly so as making CUB DeFi into The Kingdoms was a top priority. I am starting to understand these things more as time goes on and prioritizing what is right is the most difficult and hardest call to make sometimes.


The next 5 years for crypto in general are going to be huge and we have seen nothing yet even though the entire market cap has been climbing rapidly. The institutional investors haven't even really begun investing if we look at the entire market and not just a select few. @2.3 Trillion is just the beginning and expect the market cap to blow your mind within a few short years.

The Inter Trust Group (big player in Corporate wealth ,hedge funds and private wealth) did a survey recently asking fund managers specifically about crypto. The answer is what makes me so bullish not just on Hive but crypto projects in general that have a use case. 98% said that within 5 years they would be invested in crypto by as much as 10% of their holdings. that is massive in anyones language. What is holding the back right now is they need to acquire specialised services to do the admin for this type of fund management. North American funds averaged out at 10.2% and the UK and Europe Investment funds predicted just shy of 7% of their entire portfolio in crypto.

New money is only going to push the value of Bitcoin up over time and where we can see the $250 000 or $500 000 price tag coming from. When Bitcoin goes up the entire market follows and lets say Bitcoin at a realistic $200 000 where would Hive be? I am not going to predict a price, but surely a $10 Hive would be realistic by then.

When crypto is FUD free which it will be eventually every Tom, Dick and Harry will be looking to get in somewhere and Hive is the perfect playground for millions looking to try and earn crypto. All we have to do is to stay busy stacking our CUB's, Leo and Hive plus all the other tribes and just have a little patince. They say being in the right place at the right time is half the battle won and we most certainly have that bit done.

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