Elon Musk A Crypto All-Star

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Elon Musk A Crypto All-Star

Funny Man Elon

Elon Musk is by far my number one Hero. He is making a world changing difference in many industries, but the one I want to focus on today here is crypto.

With Elon's purchase of twitter I think we will see more interest come into crypto just as Elon himself is interested in crypto. It's no different in how he brought big money investments to electric cars. Big money follows Elon, this has already been proven.

The thing about Elon is he knows how to run an operation and grow it. But in doing so it's also exciting to see how he evolves and shifts along the way. It was like out of nowhere he was interested in Doge, buying twitter, etc. So what's next?

Personally I think Elon will see the value in what Hive does and could bring it to something like twitter.

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