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Hmm, this is a nice question, @forexbrokr! For about a year or even more, I have been trading mainly some crypto/USD pairs that are sometimes quite volatile. So I try to catch some bigger price movements but I open very small positions without any leverage. Actually, I never use leverage for crypto trading. Also, I trade BTC/USD, LTC/USD, and ETH/USD for one portfolio.

Very rarely I trade crypto/crypto. But if I do so it is either against /BTC or /ETH. And, to be honest, in the long run, I am thinking about migrating completely to trading crypto against BTC or crypto against ETH (without leverage/margin trading). Because, in this case, whatever happens, I always remain with some crypto (and not fiat) even if my trade is 'bad'. My end goal is to reduce the level of interactions with fiat as much as possible.

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