This is how I like my Veews to be: 4 no-holds-barred thoughts after using Veews

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The latest kid on the blocks must be Veews, based on what I saw on my Twitter page.

Screenshot of Veews' logo from Veews.

The buzz was enough for me to want to try it. It sounded all very cool based on what I gathered from those tweets.

I think a service like that which is aimed at helping people find more read-worthy posts is what Hive really need.

I have tried it, and I am sharing my honest no-holds-barred thoughts about using Veews. Interestingly, my user experience somehow reflects what my hopes for Hive are, as a content platform. Certainly not a criticism of this minimum viable product, which I must say is quite refreshing to use. I am sure it will grow strength to strength.

Hopefully, my 4 thoughts below can find resonance with some fellow Hivers and in turn contribute to how Hive contents are better served.

1. Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) and data collection about my user preference

I get it that ML/AI is needed to spit back the most relevant content for the user. But I am also aware that AI needs data. Understandably and apparently, every thumbs up and thumbs down is captured as data source as input to the ML/AI.

I have no qualms about my response data being collected, but in this day and age, there should be some clarity on how that data is being used, and if one can choose to erase that data.

2. Standing on the Shoulders of the Giants

In a somewhat contrary point to the one above on data privacy, I was thinking it might be useful to show me posts a selected account is viewing, after the ML/AI has sufficiently trained based on the data, of course.

Say I know a certain Hive user interested in crypto is a seasoned user, and always gets to read relevant posts. I would be happy to somehow follow him/her to read what he/she is shown.

If there are options to incorporate data from this user to improve my own data/ML model in the quickest time, and if that would help in showing me what is most relevant too, I would use it. This way new users won't have to take a long time to get what they wanted.

By standing on the shoulders of the giants, one can be enjoying relevant posts earlier.

3. Titles over full posts

Since we are on the topic of getting things faster, I must say that the loading of the full content when the Next button is clicked is not fast enough for my liking. Perhaps due to my own snail-like network speed, but it is not enjoyable to wait for things to load anyhow.

I would prefer it to show a list of relevant titles for me to click through, which should load faster, I presume.

I get that some might enjoy reading through the full post to decide to dislike it, but that is not me.

4. The New, Weak, but Insightful shall be supported

The last thing I want to be shown are posts from people I already follow closely in some form or another, or posts from better-known reputable Hivers. Those I can get from other platforms.

What I need is a way to read from newer, less reputable "weaker" accounts that nevertheless provide posts of value. They may be new, but somehow the AI knows they are serious and worthy of attention, maybe based on posting habits and contents. Maybe the AI can use my posts and behavior as a prime data source. I am that New, Weak, but Insightful user who loves to be supported!

I believe for Hive to grow, more people need to come on board. If these new people come in and can immediately feel that they can quickly find their audience (who upvotes and earns them Hive), they are more likely to stay.

That is why I believe the new, weak, but potentially insightful Hivers shall be supported. Can Veews have a feature that serves this? I don't know. I occasionally create my own list such as this: Latest posts on Leo Finance that are potentially buried. Let's see if we can find some gems within!

If Veews can spit out something like this, it will save me some time!

Conclusion Finding great contents that are personally relevant in Hive is not easy. Hivesearcher had been my favourite tool, and I used it like Google at times. Sometimes I wish there are ways to use it to get to the contents more efficiently. But...

Anyway, Veews looks promising, but only time will tell if it would become my goto site for locating relevant posts.

Actually, if you read this far, I think I have a wacky idea that might be more fun to use. That is to recreate a Tinder-like user experience when it comes to picking what we read on Veews!

I don't know if these ideas will ever pan out in Veews. Or perhaps these ideas never got sufficiently exposed.

We shall see.

P/S: This is not financial advice, and please do your own due diligence before investing.

If you read this far... and if you are a like-minded Hiver who is on the path to learning more about Hive and crypto investing, and if you like to be tagged when I write such posts, I welcome you to leave a comment below and let me know. We can form an alliance to support each other's growth.

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