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It is common knowledge in the CTP community, that the team around @jongolson, @blainjoines and @elianaicgomes are working on their next program launch. Word is that this launch will be on 28.11.2022!

November 28th can't come soon enough :) The beta launch for the 'Task App' is sooooo close and we're gearing up for an epic adventure. Will it be a hit with the Hive community? Who knows...

What is the 'Task App'?

So far it was quite difficult to learn more about the nature of this app. When listening to the cryptomaniacs podcast, I believe that the app will be related to content discovery limited to the Hive community. How and it what form, needs to be discovered yet.

Learning from Listnerds

When we look at the Listnerds project, the latest program launch in date from the CTP team, we can say that it has some ups and downs. The upside is certainly the fact that Listnerds provides a real added value that allows people to bring more readers to their post. The downside is certainly the tokenomics. The Listnerds token supply brought the token value down very much after a very promising start.

In order to avoid this, I've heard in on of the podcasts that the 'Task app' will first be launched without tokenomics attached. Like that the functionality of the app will be tested first before any tokens are distributed. I believe this is a very good way to proceed, since it seems that the team has built something completely new.

The CTPSB numbers of this week

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