RE: Introducing Threads by LeoFinance: a Curation Collaboration With The Motherhood Community [ENG – ESP]

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Welcome aboard! This is such a great way to gain exposure, expand the community, add some creativity to threads, and earn a little extra along the way. Seriously, thread anything you want. LeoFinance is no longer a "crypto/finance only" place. Obviously long-form blog posts remain that way, but threads is for everything, literally. The more users the better it is for the entire Hive ecosystem.

So, add your voice to the mix. Throw down a haiku, what you had for breakfast, or a picture of your cat. Link your own work or someone else's you find interesting. Doesn't matter. It's all good. Obviously there are lots of mothers and fathers using threads right now so this is a great way to expand the reach of the community.

Use the hashtag (#) #motherhood / #fatherhood and/or other appropriate hashtags so your threads can be found by others in the community if they don't see them live.

Hope to read some cool stories moving forwards.

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