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How are Hivers doing with the length of their posts? Is posts length increased or decreased? What is the average length of a post on Hive? How many words in a post are enough? Are longer post rewarded more on Hive?

Let’s take a look at the data for post length and payouts based on this.

Here we will be looking at the number of characters and words per post, what is the average and how does the daily numbers fluctuate. Then we will be taking a look at the payouts for the posts according to their length and categorize them.

The period that is analyzed here is 2022-2023.

Total Number Of Posts

First an overall look at the number of posts per day in the period. These are post only, comments not included. Here is the chart.

The number of posts per day has been in the range of 3k to 5k post per day, with and overall downtrend in the period. In the last months there seems to be a small uptrend towards the 4k mark.

Total Number Of Characters In Posts

Here is a chart for the daily number of characters from posts.

The blockchain has a data of body length, or number of characters per post. When we sum those up, on a daily level we get the above. This chart follows the post chart trend. More than 12M characters are printed every day on the blockchain from posts only.

The number of characters by itself doesn’t tell us much.

Number Of Words Per Post

Here is the chart.

An average of 770 characters per posts in the last 30 days.

What seems interesting from the chart above is that the number of words per post has increased a bit in the period, going from around 650 words per post to 770 words in the last months. An 18% increase in the length of the posts in one year! The posts have gotten longer 😊.

As mentioned above, the blockchain only has data for number of characters per post, not a word count. I have converted the numbers of characters in words based on an average of 5 characters per word. Its not a 100% exact number but close enough.

Note that videos are usually short on characters, that doesn’t represent their length.

Posts Length And Payouts

If we categorize the number of posts according to their word count, we get this chart. This is a data for January 2023.

We can see here that most of the post are shorter and belong in the 500 words or less, category. As the post length increases, the number of posts is getting smaller. But interesting that the last category, more than 2500 words has just a bit more post than the previous one 2k to 2.5k words in a post.

What about the payouts?

Are longer posts getting rewarder more than short posts? Here is the chart for payouts according to posts word count in the last 30 days.

The longest posts, 2500 plus words, have the biggest payouts with average of 14.5 USD earned per post.
On the second place are the 2k to 2.5k words posts with 12$ per post. The 1.5k to 2k word count post have a similar payout around 11$. The short posts, under 500 words have the smallest average payouts with $2 per post.

The table looks like this.

Words per postNumber of PostsAverage earning [$]
< 50047,2662.02
2500 +3,65714.52

The posts under 500 words on average earn $2 and the posts with 2500+ words earn on average $14.5. Because these payouts are in dollar terms, they usually change with the increase and decrease in the HIVE price. If HIVE was around one dollar value, the numbers above would be more than double.

Longer post obviously earn more.
But as we can see the post from 1k to 1.5k words are very close in the earning to the longer posts and they are the most efficient in terms of earnings per word.

Who Is Making The Longest Posts?

Here is the chart for authors who are making the longer posts from the start of 2023.

The @splinterstats account is on the top here with a post with more than 12k words. It’s a post with data about Splinterlands cards.
@curangel is on the second spot with a 11k words per post. They make a compilation posts from the curated post. @jacekw, another account that posts long for posts with data on Splinterlands.
The @hiq magazine is also in the top. Some bilingual accounts in the top as well.

All the best @dalz

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