Peak View

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Pushing aside the rock pile, this is the highest view from the Ptarmigan Cirque area hike, at least for mere mortals like myself! I spent about ten minutes or so, soaking in the high altitude views. Wow, incredible really to appreciate this view. Ok, time to make my descent. Feels good to have made it up here, and I’m glad I made the extra effort to do it. Now I get to soak in the views on the descent. The Larch trees are off in the distance, but soon they will be closer for some good yellow pics. From this point, to the Larch trees in the middle is about forty some minutes or so. Let’s go, fingers crossed for the grey skies to dissipate, and the blues skies to make their glorious appearance.

Camera: Huawei P40 Pro

Lens: Leica

Editing: Lightroom & Camera+

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