Northern Lights is making a nice comeback

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Gonna be interesting

It's been almost a week since I busted the tops off my northern lights while trying to do some bending. Over that time, she seems to have been recovering just fine.

The remaining branches are starting to stretch a bit and get some length on them. Too bad I didn't break off these bottom branches because they are usually the ones that I end up cutting off anyways since they are always so much further away from the canopy top.

The northern lights is already showing signs of flower now as well. It definitely is going to be an interesting grow with this one. She started off rough due to extreme light stress and now the busted tops, so I have no idea what to expect during flower.

It's not a big deal though because I have two photoperiod plants in the tent that are going to really begin to take up a lot of space in the tent in the coming weeks, so having the northern lights begin the early flower stages now is a good thing. I think she will be ready for harvest in about five to six weeks from now and then I am going to be getting the two other plants ready for flower.

I do need to take my filter cover off soon and wash it. It gets a coating of white powder on it from my humidifier. I have been filling up my humidifier with reverse osmosis water and that has helped cut back on the amount of white residue that builds up on the cover. At least it isn't getting into the filter and reducing the life span of it.

The OG Kush and GDP are doing perfectly. Ive got fans blowing across them to build up the strength in the stem and branches. The fans also help with making sure the plants have a nice root structure because if you don't blow fans on them, they don't know to use their roots as an anchor system and they can end up toppling over if there is too much weight from buds.

I am excited for the OG Kush. I have heard so many amazing things about this strain and I can't wait to try it. OG Kush is a more famous medical marijuana strain that is known for its ability to make users feel happy and stress free, making it ideal for those suffering from anxiety. It is also known to give people the munchies as well, which is nice to know because I am working on dialing in my diet in the coming weeks, so I will need to make sure not to overeat after consuming this strain.

This lady right here, I am most excited for. I have not had GDP in a few months and I really miss this one. This strain quickly became a favorite of mine and it is one that I will have to make sure I have a constant stash of. This GDP is my last photoperiod of this strain, though I do have some autoflower seeds for this one, which will be nice when I am in need of a quick turnaround for this strain.

That will do it for this update on my grow room. While it is sad that I busted my northern lights, it isn't a huge deal because it will be fun to see how my plant does. There is a chance that it will have some massive buds on it because there really aren't many bud sites for them to grow, so they should get bigger than normal. It is going to be interesting to see how she does.