111 for HPUD - Power up each

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Each 1st of the month

My 111 Power Up

This month I just did a nice and small #hpud of 111

Hive Power Up Day

The monthly Hive Power Up Day (HPUD) made me adding more HIVE to my stacked HIVE. This outstanding initiative takes place the first day of the month and has been going on for some time now.

Made by @traciyork at the official #hpud post.

HPUD is administrated by @traciyork with assistance from @abh12345. It was originally implemented by @streetstyle. For more detailed information you can visit the official announcement post.

There is as well a nice badge from @acrange and the @hivebuzz team. Read more at

Transparent as the blockchain

I did another animation with a transparent background

As the weekend is close

make sure you join the #beersaturday challenge and win some HIVE, BEER and LEO

(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

Have a great day everybody _and let us travel the world again_

pic by @detlev

Enjoy the #beersaturday have 3 pics and a story around beer - and go!

@Detlev loves HIVE

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