The 100 Squats Per Day to Fight Cancer Challenge Progress - And Some Thoughts (HSBI giveaway?)

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Finally I have some spare time to update my Squat Challenge. I believe this is my second update after the first one I call it: Oouuchhh Update

As you can see, I joined @mrmiyagi dojo doing this Squat Ritual as a part of a movement of fighting cancer. I encourage you guys joining in this squat challenge too, let say we become a Hive Squat-Cultist, doing squat everywhere everytime... because even you fail, you have invested enough time to give your body some exercise it needs.

The Update

I am doing 48 Squatw everyday right now, 2x8 squats in the morning, and 2x8 squats in the evening. The other 16 is before lunch time. On 17 November and 18 November I failed to do 48 because I was knocked out on 17 night.

I figured out that I needed more rest, physically and psycologically. So on that night I decided that was enough, I should shutdown my body and my brain, turned off everything then went to bed... woke up at 11 AM. That's why I missed 16squats on Friday nights and 16 squats on Saturday morning.

Tomorrow I will challenge myself, atleast doing 3x8 squats or 2x10 squats. I still haven't decided it yet, maybe I will do spontaneously when I wake up and do those squats. There is another option I think I can do, which is 3x10 Squats. I am getting used with the squats and I think my health has recovered a lot due to getting enough rest.

Some Thoughts

Forcing my self to get some rest and shutting me off from the phone gave me enough time to recover and have some thoughts about what I have been doing and what I should do next.

The first is a thought of running the Actifits or Strave-Hive. Maybe I should force myself a bit to get used with those d.apps after this Squat Cult gets disbanded next month. I think I need more exercise, I have too many jobs which drawn all my time and resource, making me sit in front of laptop for entire day, entire week and if it is not stopped, maybe my entire life.

I already ran actifit in the past, however since I had to get some help by using walking stick, I had stopped using it.. Maybe I should give it another chance later. I am reducing my dependency on the stick lately, because part of me believe its more of psychology aspect of needing something to be hold, rather than psychical limitation.

The second one is about running a new account (adding one more again???) for curation. I have been doing the leo threads recently and I think I have two big obstacles there:

  1. My net Hive Power is low and I just started LEO so my Leo Power is low too.
  2. My voting mana drained a lot for the long post a.k.a normal postings.

The first one is about money, yes money doest the talk in this blockchain, nothing we can't do if we are poor small. The second one is occured due to limitation of each account or wallet, so I am thinking about making a new one focused only for curating threads.

However I do not like the name of dewabrata.leo because I am not fond of LION and I do not think I like to be associated with LION or TIGER. I like bobcat so I think I am better using a name of dewabrata.bobcat ?

Do you have any feedback for this? leave something on the comment, I might reward you with HSBI if it really enriches my though about the name of my new curation account.

The Goal Of My Squats Challenge

I want to have atleast 3 to 5 successful 100 squats in this month. My target is to be able to take 4 x 10 squats in the morning, 2 x 10 squats before lunch, and 4 x 10 squats in the evening. If I want to do more, maybe I will increase the repetition, become 12 squats per set.

Do you have any feedback for me? feel free to leave any comments below


Thank you for reading this post, and don't forget to check out @mrmiyagi and @lut-studio for further information about the challenge, they are doing it on the right path. Ok that's for today, see you next time

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