Super adrenaline! Jump from a height of 30m into a canyon 20m depth pool

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I came to Kemer for the first time. My friends took me to Kesme Boğazı Canyon. This change fascinated me with the beauty of the mountains. A forest covered with very large trees. It's a wonderful place, like heaven. My body was full of energy from the high oxygen.

There was a very nice cafe among the mountains. There is a river flowing from the mountains next to it. It is spherical with giant stones around it and there is a pool next to the cafe. Did they make it natural? Is it really natural? I don't know, but it's a great place.

I was very fascinated, there was a bridge leading to the cafe and it was very high, the river flowing below gathered in one place and became a pool. There was a huge rock in the middle, and I went out and took a look at the middle of the bridge. down and then I said I should jump down from here.

But I didn't know the depth because it was my first time here. There was a Caucasian person my age working in the cafe. And I asked him while drinking tea, has anyone jumped here? "Yes, I jumped," he said to me. I immediately asked how many meters pool deep is.

He said 20 meters and I immediately started preparing to jump. There was over 30 meters high bridge uff. I didn't have my shorts on, but I was going to jump, so I made up my mind, I took off my top and decided to jump with my trousers on.

I looked down. It was exciting, my heart was pounding, my body was pumping adrenaline. My feet were shaking. And I took one step and jumped. It took me 4 seconds to fall into the water. This was a very good and wonderful feeling. I really don't know how to explain it in words.

I hope I was able to convey the dimension this feeling showed. I enjoyed writing those moments and lessons while writing. If I could make you experience it, it would make me very happy. If you like adrenaline, you should try it.

But there is no room for error, you must have experience, because a cross-sectional mistake can lead to losing your life, it must be done in a detailed and planned way, there are many beautiful moments here.

I want to reflect this to you a little bit. I hope I achieved this. My adventures will of course continue, because I want you to experience these beautiful places and adrenaline-filled moments with me.

By the way, in my next article, I will go into the forests, I will take a forest walk, there are wild animals. Maybe I will have the chance to see them, I will tell you this with photographs, there is also a bear in the forest. We will live and see them together tomorrow. I will go on a journey, we will experience and see what awaits us in the forest.