A Blissful Beach Experience at The Beach Park- Hadsan

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What's up everyone! By the way, how was your holy week? I hope you are able to spend time with your loved ones praising and worshiping Him on that very special day. As for me and my family, we went to church together. Anyway, the blog I will be sharing with you today is the happenings during our Black Saturday, specifically what happened on March 30, 2024, as we went swimming in the Beach Park Hadsan together with my family. Let the adventure begin!

The trip was an unexpected one. It was 8 AM. We were still sleeping when my Aunt woke us up, telling us to get ready as we would go swimming. So I get up and wake up my cousins, so they can prepare too. I gather their swimming attires and prepare other things needed. We took a multicab but later on we transferred to a private car owned by my cousin. Without taking so much time, we leave the house at exactly 10. We traveled around 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to our destination - The Beach Park Hadsan.

Another option to get there is to take a bus going to Lapu-Lapu. From there you can take another ride maybe a motorcycle going to the destination. Anyways, the location is just along the road so it is not really hard to find.

The Beach Park Hadsan is located at Agus, Gamay, Lapu-Lapu City,. It was formerly called Hadsan Cove Resort. The last time we went there was not as amazing as it is right now. Aside from that, you can relax at the beach. You can also swim in the pool as another option. They are really expanding the area since, last time, there was no pool, only the beach. Their pool is the best option for those you want to dip without getting burned, since the pool has covers providing shade for swimmers. However, they do not have a kiddie pool for kids, but kids can swim into the low level part of the pool make sure to have guardians along with them. Moreover, the beach is also pet-friendly. They also have grilled station where you are free to grilled if you need.

There were so many people at that time. Luckily, my cousin called ahead of time and was able to reserved seats for us. When we arrived there, they accomodate us. Their staff is very accommodating as well. The initial plan was we would take their cottage tent, but there was none vacant, so we took the table and chairs instead. After paying the entrance fee, they handed us stickers to wrap around our arms as a sign that we had already paid and settled in.

Before the swimming part began, we eat first, since it is lunchtime. Brought with us are different kinds of foods. After eating, the kids were very excited, so I changed their clothes into swimwear. Before dipping into the pool, first they need to shower. We are so lucky that our place is situated near the shower and the pool. The environment is very neat and relaxing as well since you can spot trees and plants around.
The kids are really having great fun swimming and playing in the water. After taking pictures, I was not able to use my phone as I am enjoying myself with them. On the other hand, you can really assure security within the pool since there is attending diving staff in case drowning happens. Also posted in the pool area are their pool rules.

The comfort and changing rooms are also very accessible since it is situated right beside the pool. They have a lot of available comfort and shower rooms for guests to use. In terms of water, they have available water, but if you want to wash and cleanse after swimming, you have to drop a 5 peso coin into the vending machine. That's for 2 minutes. It is not unlimited. We opted to go the beach, but it was super hot,we didn't stayed longer instead we just took pictures with the amazing view together with my siblings.

For the kids, they enjoyed building castles using sand. Not to deny, the fine sand of the beach is irresistible.

After having the chance to explore the sea, we headed back to the pool and there we continued swimming. But before that happened, we took the chance to took pictures of the standee while on our way.

At around 4 A. M, some of my family members have already washed up and changed their clothes while the kids and I are continually enjoying swimming. To be honest, I don't know how to swim. Just a little bit with feet and hands moving. I didn't know how to balance so as not to sink into the water. I was just there guiding my little cousins.

After a while, we double cleanse and change our clothes too. While they are also keeping the things, preparing to leave the place. While we are leaving, people also keep arriving at the place. I can really tell people loves this place so much. For me, it was just amazing to be back at the place making the most of its change after several years. Thank you divers for reaching this part of the blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it. With the increasing hot temperatures here in the Philippines and you want to cool down, consider exploring the Beach Park Hadsan on your next trip and swimming adventures. See you😘