Some Snow Day Fun!!

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Stop worrying about crypto so much and go have some fun sometime!!!

Sometime I chat with people on chain who need to relax!

Today I followed my own advice and I took off of work early and went sledding a snow man building with the kids. We had some epic sledding and I about broke my arm trying to snowboard down the hill on a sled. I am getting too old for stunts like that but I still feel 15 sometimes.

This was the best snowman of the day.

It was built by a 8 year old and his name is “BOMB”

I thought about doing the last few days since I saw a post from jongo about his family day and then when it snowed I decided it was time to make it happen.


In other news. I am looking for some delegations.

If you know anyone actively looking to delegate their HP out let me know. I can pay in hive or other currencies too. My favorite deals involve HSBI.

Keep me posted.

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