I got my blood work back.

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I have been bad at tracking my health most my life. The last year I have spent more time working out than any year since I got out of hight school.

I decided last week to get some blood work done and start tracking things.

Well the results came back and they were not great but they were not horrible.

I think it was just good for me to see the results and see where I could get better and where I am doing good.

I hope to do it every six months for the next few years and see where I can improve. It's 99 percent just fixing my diet. I have been struggling to with that part. Food is so tempting and I eat when stressed, thinking, happy, and you get the picture.

So part of the focus will be less on calorie counting and more on eating a complete diet with more whole foods than ever before.

counting calories is great but not really my style. WE will see how adding in more food helps.

It helps to have some great nutritionists that I know. I will be consulting them as I go along.

This is me now!