HIVE Jumped To $1.48 On A Serious Volume

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Dragos Roua
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As you can see from the screenshot above, HIVE did a super jump in the last few hours, reaching as high as $1.48. At the moment of writing it changes hands at $1.14.

The interesting part of this move is volume, which hovered just below $1B (about $912 millions the highest). That's a very serious influx. It's not necessarily a signal that this price level will hold, but mostly a signal that HIVE is becoming a serious option for investors. Or an option for serious investors, you may also read it that way.

The biggest exchange is still Upbit (Korea), with a volume as a high as $600 millions per hour, followed by Binance, with about a fifth of that volume.

Unexpected good news in the middle of the week. Usually these pumps were happening during weekends.

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