RE: Hive Can Make Wikipedia Worthless

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Wikipedia is, IMHO, extremely valuable source of information, albeit its quality in certain areas (namely the coverage of recent events) have decreased in past few years due to ideological biases and bloated bureaucracy. But it is still very decentralised project, with decentralisation sometimes even harming the project (like the years-long saga about Croatian edition of Wikipedia being taken over by cabal of far right nationalist fanatics and Wikimedia Foundation being at odds how to get rid of them).

I don't think Elon should buy and trying to take over Wikipedia. Resistance he encountered when taking over Twitter is nothing compared to resistance and sabotage he would get if he tries to take over website which is, for better or worse, considered best thing to objective source of truth about our world.

He might, of course, try to create alternative Wiki-like website and even toy with it being based on blockchain. I think it could be done, but it would require a lot of work, creativity, luck and ability to learn on the mistakes of those who had tried the same idea in the past, like Everipedia.

Same, of course, goes for HIVE-based Wiki if anyone is willing to start such endeavour.

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