Splinterlands: I'm back

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After selling 97% of my deck for personal reasons, I am back now playing splinter lands again. I miss playing the game so much and it gets to a point I can't do it anymore. I had a deck of roughly 2000$ plus before and the plan was to buy some deck back but I don't have that kind of money for now so choose the long way by investing gradually.

Starting from scratch means I have to start all over again which is a challenge that I welcomed and I decided to throw my 150$ into it by buying some of the cards I will need to compete in the bronze league. I don't like buying individual cards but I can't go for a pack I don't have enough money to invest.

I bought mostly water monster because I know they perform well at the bronze level and they are not disappointing me because present I'm already in bronze league II. The bronze league is always very difficult to play but I will focus a little bit on the game now so that I quickly make it to silver I'm enjoying this presently.

Already withdrew my hbd saving of around 1k to build my deck to silver because that is where I want to be and I can compete properly from there. I want to build my gold league deck back, I know it might take time but I'm ready for it.SPL

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