Splinterlands: What a season. I received two airdrops and more....

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My season is not that bad like I said in my previous post and ever since I moved back to the gold league I have been losing so many matches I should have won but it is normal because 60% of my deck card is still in silver level and plan now is to upgrade it into a very competitive team.

Unlike the silver league that I maintain being in the top 40 but in the gold league I am in the top 200 but I have earned more season chests in the process because I playing in the gold league to earn a silver chest becomes a little bit easy. My plan is to earn a diamond chest as a season reward because is more rewarding and profitable.

I have not been really lucky concerning the airdrop for quite some time now and when I received a notification concerning the airdrop I was not moved because I was not expecting an airdrop but to my surprise, I receive two lily shieldpaws.

I love this card because of many reasons but the number one reason why I love this card is that it makes you decide how you want the game to be played unless when you play against a scattershot ability which I believe backline heal ability from this summoner will prevent perfectly.

So many people are not impressed with this monster but this monster is very powerful in my opinion and I believe this monster will be one of the most powerful summoners in the game. I know people might disagree with me and I will like to hear you opnion.

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