EDS tokens = 100 HIVE focused - 33,000HP and growing!

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Hello, and how it is going? We have passed the halfway for EDS miners being sold and things are going great. The APY for EDS tokens increased this week again, we strengthened the buy wall a little bit and things are just looking up.


As I explained last week, different new EDS miners will be coming once this first batch sells out. Some EDSM token holders were concerned about the mining rewards reducing as newer miners are released and I would like to assure you that no mining rewards will be reduced. All miner rewards are and will be set to produce a 20% ROI when fully staked. If 50% are staked like EDSM is now, then that 50% will receive rewards equivalent to double (40%) because the mining reward is set and only half are staked.

The current max cap for EDS tokens is 500,000, there are 20,200 issued and 379,800 more to issue. EDSM tokens are set to mint 5000 EDS token per year, this number does not change. If there were 1 miner issued and staked, that single miner would receive 5000 EDS tokens per year. To issue 100,000 EDS tokens will take 20 years. There are plenty more EDS tokens to mint.

I release more miners giving early birds the chance to earn triple-digit mining rewards again while increasing the EDS token's weekly HIVE payout APY at the same time. From introducing EDSM, EDS AYP has increased from 13% to 21% and still growing as more EDSM tokens are issued.

New to EDS?

Some people get confused about how their weekly HIVE income payouts are worked out for the EDS tokens they mine. Let me show you below. It's basically 12% of the HP balance divided by token holders to work per token. I hope this helps and probably makes more sense than the last sentence.

Because the @eddie-earner account earns more than 12% on its HP balance, the balance is always growing and because the balance is always growing so are EDS token holders weekly income payments. It's very simple.

As more miners are sold, HIVE is being powered up to the @eddie-earner balance faster than EDS tokens are minted and this pushes the APY up for those holding EDS tokens. Each miner should increase the APY of EDS tokens by around 10% based on issuing 20,000 HIVE worth of each one. Be early to buy miners and reap the rewards later on. Anyone that buys into the 3-4 miners to be released early will greatly increase their personally ROI. Eddie Earner is only getting started.

  • 1,133 EDSM remaining

  • EDSM2 released with double mining rewards soon after EDSM sell out 💰

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