Securing the Hive: How We Claimed the 'hiveblockchain' Handle on Twitter

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Hey everyone!

This is my first post from the inLEO interface. I'm so used to that I've forgotten to make a post from here. I've also been a little more active in the threads here, and I'm trying to increase that activity even more. Well, today, I want to share a small story of how we managed to secure the "hiveblockchain" handle on Twitter or X.

To do this, I want to give you guys some context.

Back in March 2020, when I decided to go full-time in Hive, I created the Facebook page, which is not very active lately, but it is still kind of "the official" page. I was proactive and created it to benefit the community, not myself. I copied the username and the description from the @hiveblocks account on Twitter. The same team that manages this Twitter account also has access to the Facebook Hive account.

That was good for me then because that proactiveness led me to work with @theycallmedan and later with @threespeak. Thanks to that, I've lived the dream and worked full-time on Hive. Not everything has been perfect. Sometimes, I have dealt with a lot of drama and toxic characters who are also part of Hive. But it has been great for the most part.

Like many others, I'm currently making a bigger effort in marketing Hive. I'm part of the @hivecreators project, and I'm also the co-founder of @aliento. I recently hired a CM to help with Aliento's web2 social media, and we have also started to post more to Hive. But back to the point of this post.

How did we manage to get the "hiveblockchain" handle?

It all started two weeks ago when I was on the Telegram Group. I'm unsure who did it, but someone shared an article about Hive. This article was on a crypto news platform, and as many times, it had some wrong facts. The article was about the Top 5 games on the Hive blockchain. You can read it here.

I think the reporter used ChatGPT, or he just had his facts wrong because he mentioned that the CEO of Hive was Olivier Francois. We all know that Hive doesn't have a CEO, but I was curious to see who this Olivier guy was, and I Googled him.

First, I found a guy with that name, who is the CEO of Fiat, the car company.

Olivier François in Wikipedia

Then I dug a little deeper and found another guy with the same name, and this was the founder of... you guessed it, the Hive Blockchain, the Canadian Mining Company that tried to sue us. That's where the journalist (or ChatGPT) messed up.

I found the Twitter account of this guy, and I saw that he had the @HIVEBlockchain handle in his description. So I clicked it. Surprisingly, I saw a message that the account did not exist.

So, I created an account with that handle, and it was successful.

The handle was available, because this Canadian Mining Company changed their name from Hive Blockchain to Hive Digital Technologies a few months ago. They also changed the handle, leaving the @hiveblockchain account available.k

Something interesting is that if you search "Hive Blockchain" on Google, you may find this account on the first results. And on the Google Profile of the company it still has this Twitter account as you can see on the screenshot below. You may need to open the image in another tab and zoom in to see the details.

You can see the account here:

It currently points to what I consider the main account of Hive, which has more followers, which is @hiveblocks. This might confuse people investigating Hive on Twitter because they will see even more Hive accounts, but the good news is that no one can take that name from us, except for maybe Elon Musk or another X executive.

We are still thinking about the next steps for this account. We may occasionally post and reblog relevant Hive posts and news. We are following some main Hive accounts and may follow more soon. If you want to verify the ownership, send a message to the account.

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts and recommendations on what we can do with this account. If you like these marketing efforts, consider voting for @aliento as a Hive witness here and support @hivecreators and its future proposals.

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