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Content creator earning Hive and Hive-engine tokens (2019 to date) Content Curator (reward Distributor) with Hive and Hive-engine Tokens (2020 to date) Blockchain Game player/narrator (2020 to date) Hive-engine tokens miner (2020 to date) Hive-engine tokens trader (2020 to date) Hive-engine Dividend/collateral token holder (2020 to date) Hive-engine tokens promoter (2020 to date) Hive-engine tokens investment educator (2020 to date) Top 10 Token Stakeholder - SPORTS, LIST, CHARY (2021) Hive-engine tokens DeFi pool liquidity provider (2021)

these are massive track records of consistency, dedication and determination, am just beginning and am glad i met you as such a time as this.

i am a direct beneficiary of the time you have invested in the blockchain, and am growing to do more and to be of blessing to many. thanks for having me

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