10 000 HP!

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For the first time this year, I failed to post my weekly goals last week as I have been sick and for that, I've been prioritizing my sleep.

With the new month coming new opportunities to redeem myself to be more active not only here but in general!

To start the month with a bang, not only is it Hive Power Up Day but also I reached a new milestone: 10k HP!! least I powered up enough to reach that round number lol


Compared to the last post, the numbers slightly increased, even though the lack of activity.

I completed my NFT for Peace collection!

I like collecting badges and if my little amount of HBD helps somehow then I'm happy!


from HiveStats

Not sure why the graphic doesn't reach the 10k HP but ok lol

What matters is the numbers going up!

Hive Power

The APR went down a bit as expected

This is my #hivepud entry:

I gathered an extra 230.563 HP since the last post!

15000 - 10000 -> 5000 HP to go!


Welp...let's try again for better numbers during the week!

LEO Power

I gathered an extra 34.16 LP since the last post!

23612.74 + 5000 delegation -> 28612.74 LP

50000 - 28612.74 -> 21387.26 LP to go!

HBD / David's Savings

Since I missed sending the weekly savings last week, today will be a 2 in 1!

This week I'll be sending 13 + 14 $HBD to the Savings! Total of 27$HBD

2000 - 948.635 -> 1051.365 HBD to go!

Better days will come!

See you next time!

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