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Yes, that's right!

When you're posting, you have two options.

  1. post to your blog
  2. post in a community

If you're using PeakD, this is how you select the option you'd like (your blog or in a community).

Here's a list of the communities you can choose from.

It's better to join the one you are interested in and post in those for better visibility. Also as I mentioned in my previous comment, better read the rules each of these have and choose the tags according to your topic. You can not only earn the right tokens, but also make your post visible in the right communities.

In your case, for this post one of the photo communities would have been perfect as it's about photography. Travel not so much as it's not travel description, it's just photos.

Leofinance has its own frontend for the content the FAQ descripbes, so does sportstalksocial and stem and a few others.

I hope it's clear. If not, let me know :)

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