Progress towards a Model 3

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I started my journey in the crypto world, now just over three years ago, with the goal to have/earn enough money to buy a Tesla Model 3. I do regular updates to keep track of the progress of that goal. It has been almost 3 months since I did that the last time. A lot has happened since then, so let's see whether there is any progress since then.


My Crypto portfolio

As of today my crypto portfolio consists of €10,512 in BTC and ETH. My Hive wallet has an estimated value of €675 and I have some €800 in other Hive-related Tokens (mostly Leo and SPI). That means my portfolio has a value of €12,000.

Progress to Model 3

The starting price of a Model 3 used to be €48,980 here in The Netherlands, but was brought down by €2,000 to €46.980. A nice surprise by Tesla!

Based on these numbers I now own enough crypto-money to buy 25.5% of a Model 3. Compared to the last time I calculated my progress (which was 10.0% for a SR Model 3), I've made a huge progress. Still I need to quadruple my investments in crypto before the Model 3 is in reach, but I'm very happy with the progress so far. This is the first time I actually think the goal is reachable, so that keeps me motivated to stay active on Hive and follow the crypto markets closely.

What are your financial goals? And how are you progressing on them? Let me know in the comments below!

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