My Blogger Income May 2021 End of The Previous Bull Market but More Newcomers

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Currently the quantity is too much to handle when the value I earned is not much. So I may report this on a separate article.

May 2021 Income ≈ $45

Grade: D

Personal Comments

Thanks to Elon Musk, China, and many other factors, May was the next big market crash of crypto. I lost 1/3 of my profits which was 10 years worth of average salaries here. I gave and donated another 1/3 before the market crash to people important to me. I am now left with 10 years worth of average salaries. I did sense that the market was going to crash but I missed it anyway because the fundamentals are in divergence. The fundamentals are still upcoming for innovations such as ETH 2.0, Binance NFT market place, Polygon (MATIC) as alternative to current expensive Ethereum, Polkadot cross chain, synchronization between Harmony One's main net to its smart chain where no need to cross chain like BEP2 BNB to BEP20 BSC and AVAX main net to its C Chain, etc. Therefore, I used some of my profits to take a private course on financial technical analysis.

However, the reason why I completely did not blog for an entire month was because many friends contacted me since my parents exposed my big profits during the bull market wanting to start trading crypto as well. As I wrote, I gave my parents some of the 1/3 of my profit and became curious about trading and used them to trade instead. I spent most of my days receiving guests helping them opening accounts at local cryptocurrency exchanges, deposit, and start trading. Ofcourse I knew that most of them do not care about crypto but only the getting rich quick. After teaching them the technicalities, I immediately told each of the groups to make chat groups where trading together is more fun and less stressful while avoiding myself temporarily being a signal provider. Each of them shared in their groups what they wanted to buy and what they wanted to sell. If profit then we celebrate together, if loss then we mourn together. They wanted me in the group to provide signals for day trading but unfortunately they overestimated me. I am a gem hunter, not a trader, not even an investor is accurate. To follow me gem hunting is currently too difficult for them. Therefore, I remained my role as an educator and gave descriptions about different coins daily for example Bitcoin is ..., Ethereum is ..., Litecoin is ..., USDT is ..., in order for them to at least know what they are investing in. This is also one of my reasons to take a course in financial technical analysis so that I can give signals to them too. Still, they are happy because during this COVID-19 Pandemic that they have the opportunity to earn at home rather than being pessimistic doing something unproductive everyday.

I actually planned to become an educator for users but it came earlier than I expected as my original plan was to complete my materials first while blogging. However, it is this enthusiast that made me forget Andreas Antonopoulos words that went our distant friends and families suddenly contacted us asking about crypto is went we should sell everything because that is a strong indication that the market is in excessive greed. Well, I missed selling and I am still hodling until now but my goal remained the same which is to introduce crypto to more people. Think about it, all my peers in college, I can count using my fingers who actually know about crypto. What happen if almost everybody know about crypto and it becomes main stream, how far can our portfolio rise? Still few people know about crypto, so if we missed the panic selling, is better to hodl because we are still early. Only if you entered the crypto market when it is already main stream is when you should be worried.


Personally, I enjoyed being a full time independent content creator very much and I once again thank the platforms, investors, donators, and viewers for making my venture possible through donations, tippings, and upvotes. If you enjoy and/or want to further support my work you may choose more form of donation:

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