My season rewards & speculating on PACK HOLD

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What am I getting, Santa?

Yearning for lucky drops, I open my 22 gold chests from season rewards from the best crypto game of all time, Splinterlands! I don't have to wait long until something shiny shows up: the fifth chest contains a gold foil Pelacor Conjurer. That's awesome. It's one of the best long-term cards currently being distributed.

I also get a few commons and rares which aren't particularly pleasing. I already own a maxed Gargoya Lion and I'm not very fond of Vampire Bat. What bat isn't vampire-like, by the way? What makes this one special? Ever-Hungry Skull isn't a favorite either, but I actually like Blood Maker and Venari Bonesmith.

Vulguine is sort of special, since it's similar to Fire Splinter's Ant Miners. I think highly of this card, although it's slightly niche. Even better was that delicious pack that came along nearing the end of my rewards. As if a gold Pelacor Conjurer didn't make me happy enough, I get a pack I might actually want to hold instead of sell or open.

Since we're only 4 months away from the next expansion, we need to hurry, buying whatever we must before FOMO takes over! Considering all the pack burning, these cards are going to be much scarser than originally intended, unlike those from reward edition.

So will the packs climb in value. I'm sure people will try gambling for a gold legendary summoner by next July, and I want to hold until they're willing to pay a small fortune for a shot at getting cards worth a larger fortune, like people were doing trying to get Yodin Zaku or Renyn once those expansions were over.

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