Ask Leo: Should an investor keeps investing in the opportunity the bear market brings

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The bear market is a period that most coins goes down by 20% from its all time high.

First of all the opportunity that the bear market brings or present is the ability to purchase more coin due to the low in price . And the best time to accumulate more coin in one’s portfolio is during the bear market but some investors tends to runaway from the bear market and some tends to sell off their coin due to the bear market and of which at the end they make loss from the coin.

No matter how dip the bear market goes or no matter the blood fills the market one should keep buying making use of Dollar Cost Averaging to take advantage of the volatility of the market. You will be able to buy not at once but a regular interval as the price goes down.

And to answer the question above an investor should see the bear market as an opportunity and keep investing in the dip but an investor should not keep investing with their life savings but the money can an easily afford.

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