Why Splinterland Coin Market Is Definitely Being Suppressed Into Going up? Market Analysis

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I still may be bullish looking for sps coin to go higher.we really haven't seen too much into the market in sps coin.the market has just simply been hovering and Consolidated in between 0.030 cents.the market and sps coin currently is going through now take a look at this though. source We can see how price and sps coin is also making lower highs that's a negative for us.if we're looking for price to trend higher.we don't want to see price and sps coin making lower highs into the market the demand in sps coin also is waning is telling us that price has been unable unsuccessful at really keeping itself above 0.037 cents.

If the price really was bullish If people really wanted to move this market up.we would have seen price at least over the few days hold and maintain itself and this is where we could possibly see the marketing.we're actually noticing how price can actually hold the trend.we are hitting the ceiling the prior. We have to contemplate that price is generally strong than it is weakness it's not surprising take a look at the market action in sps coin.the market utilized as support and we're still seeing emphasis of buyers into the market.we won go higher we see market trade above this area of around 0.0296 cents.

We would have to say that generally yes price is currently the market is definitely stronger than it is giving us emphasis on market strength.we have to keep that in mind if price in sps coin does not trade above this area price is not a buy.

We're currently getting is the emphasis there's still some demand there's still buyers into the marketing sps coin.why the market is not going down because people's actually seeing this may be a valuable price a value to come in and buy sps coin what I think the market actually sps coin is going to do.

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