Why Splinterland Coin Market Is Weak And Everything Is Contingent On Market Situation

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The market in sps coin got rejected at 0.025 cents give or take the market continued to dip continue to go lower we expect to see that again.we see price break this prior area of resistance. source We need to contain to follow the same type of information.the market in sps coin definitely looked like there's some weekends coming through the market currently is closing off the lows which simply resembles sellers are currently entering this space. You think is going to win buyers or Sellers as of the market tells you're on the wrong side of how low do you think price is going to go.we need to look forward to as a price Target.

I think price is going to break the trend.the market is not trending down anymore especially if we see the market in sps maintain price outside of this downtrend.I'm going to be paying attention to going forward for this trading week is to see whether or not.

The buyers is able to keep price above this downtrend line because next price target is going to be there around 0.025 cents which we are already positioned to come and see looking at today's price action the market in sps is going to try to reach our ultimate price of around 0.0249 cents.

The strength into the marketing sps coin I'm definitely looking for the marketing sps to continue to trend lower

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