What Am I Doing With My SPS?

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Increasing My SPS & HIVE Stake

In my previous post about Splinterlands, I mentioned that I would be exploring some SPS & DEC Pools. So I unstaked my SPS that was locked in the game's wallet. 32% APR wasn't enough so I opted in for SPS-SWAP.HIVE pool which is currently giving around 90% APR and rewarding me with 4-5 SPS everyday. Maybe more because I haven't noticed it really. I keep on claiming it once or twice a day. I also opted in for DEC-SWAP.HIVE pool which is giving me around 20 DEC per day I guess.

First of all, I get DEC from renting my cards. I also have around 7000 SPS which will be unstaked over the next few weeks and goes into SPS-SWAP.HIVE pool. I am not interested in VOUCHER Token as of now so I am not worried about getting them through game's wallet staking. Maybe I will stake them in VOUCHER - SWAP.HIVE pool just to try. In addition to DEC & SPS, I am also earning from fees on Tribaldex paid out in BEE tokens.

I will also buy more SPS in the upcoming weeks and put all of it into the SPS-SWAP.HIVE pool. It's a win-win situation since I want both SPS and Hive. Overtime, this will increase both of my stakes no matter which direction their prices will go. There are the two cryptos I am most interested in within the Hiveverse. All DEC I am earning sometimes goes into DEC-SWAP.HIVE and sometimes I convert it into SPS or HIVE depending upon the situation. And right now the situation is that I love stacking more and more SPS. 😂 It's going to be the hottest play-2-earn token everyone wants. So I don't want to regret later that I didn't do enough to increase my stake in it.

Splinterlands Roadmap Progress

In the last weekly Townhall meeting, there were some juicy updates given by the Splinterlands team. Ranked Battle rewards will be replaced by SPS. So no more DEC rewards in your daily and seasonal chests. They are targeting this to be live by August end. I guess I will have to get back and start playing now or maybe hire someone to do it for me. 😂 These rewards will be staked automatically so as soon as you open the chests and get SPS, you will start earning 32% APR on your stake. Moreover, you will be able to burn SPS for DEC. This is really cool because I won't have to send DEC to Hive Engine and then exchange it for Hive or SPS. It will be an easy process after this release.

I am also happy that more information about LANDs will be disclosed in the upcoming Splinterfest. Its location is to be decided as per Splintercards tool created by @tehox. It's a good resource to track the milestone and progress within the Splinterlands Metaverse. What do you guys think? What are you doing with your SPS Stake? Comment below!

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